Tests in climatic chambers


Our expertise is especially acknowledged for the evaluation of filtration systems, the degassing of materials and the evaluation of the purifying capacity of a material

Tests in chambers : Tera Environnement is equipped with 3 climatic chambers and a central air unit to test air purification systems in accordance with the B44-200 and B44-013 standards.

  • 1.4 m3 recirculation chamber
  • 3.4 m3 chamber in one pass
  • Central air unit
  • 30 m3 chamber
  • Degassing in micro-chamber

Degassing in micro-chamber

The degassing of materials is a method of choice to identify the source of contamination, characterizing the emissions from materials and thus taking preventive or curative actions.

TERA Environnement has been approved by French customs for the degassing of materials.

Adsorption – desorption of VOCs from materials

TERA is equipped with test chambers to evaluate VOC emissions from materials according to ISO 16000 standards

  • Determination of VOCs emitted by construction materials and equipment in accordance with NF EN ISO 16000-9
  • Adsorption and desorption tests on materials, adapted from NF ISO 16000-23



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